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Look Back on the Year of 2015

Look Back on the Year of 2015

As the new year of 2016 starts, the JDF January issue takes a look back at the MOD/SDF activities in 2015.


Look Back on the Year of 2015

December 31 - January 11

SDF’s Disaster Relief Activities of SAR Operation for the Missing Indonesian Air Asia Flight 8501

January 17-21

Defense Minister Nakatani’s Overseas Visit to Djibouti, South Sudan, and the United Kingdom

January 21

Japan-UK Foreign and Defense Ministerial Meeting

January 27 - March 12

Cope North Guam -Japan-U.S.-Australia Joint Exercise in Guam-

January 29

Japan-Philippines Defense Ministerial Meeting


February 9-20

Multilateral Training Exercise - Cobra Gold 15 -

February 9-22

North Wind 2 -Field Training Exercise between GSDF and U.S. Army-


Look Back on the Year of 2015

March 13

Japan-France Foreign and Defense Ministers' Meeting

March 14

Japan-Colombia Defense Ministerial Meeting

March 14

Japan-France Defense Ministerial Meeting

March 18

Minister Nakatani’s Meeting with Vice President of South Sudan

March 20

Japan-Timor Leste Defense Ministerial Meeting

March 30

Japan-India Defense Ministerial Meeting


April 8

Japan-U.S. Defense Ministerial Meeting

April 27 - May 22

SDF's International Disaster Relief Activities in Nepal

April 27

The Japan-U.S. Security Consultative Committee

April 28

Japan-U.S. Defense Ministerial Meeting


May 30-31

The 14th IISS Asia Security Summit -Shangri-La Dialogue-

May - August

Participation in Pacific Partnership 2015


June 3

Japan-Australia Defense Ministerial Meeting

June 7

FY2015 Japan-U.S. Joint Exercise for Rescue

June 20 - July 1

Multinational Joint Exercise Khaan Quest 2015 in Mongolia


Look Back on the Year of 2015

July 21

Defense of Japan 2015 Issued

July 27 - August 28

Participation in Red Flag-Alaska Exercise in the U.S.


August 23

Fuji Firepower Review 2015

August 26-30

Northern Rescue 2015 - Disaster Relief Exercise for GSDF Northern Army

August 31 - September 9

Dawn Blitz 2015 field training exercise in the U.S.


September 7

The 7th Japan-ASEAN Defense Vice-Ministerial Forum

September 8-25

Rising Thunder -FY2015 Field Training Exercise with the U.S. Army-

September 10-19

Disaster Relief Activity in the Wake of a Heavy Rain in Kanto and Tohoku Regions


Look Back on the Year of 2015

October 1

MOD's Reorganization

October 18

Japan Self-Defense Forces Fleet Review 2015

October 20

Japan-Republic of Korea Defense Ministerial Meeting


Look Back on the Year of 2015

November 4

Third ASEAN Defence Ministers’ Meeting - Plus

November 6

Japan-Vietnam Defense Ministerial Meeting

November 12

Japan-Georgia Defense Ministerial Meeting

November 13-15

SDF Marching Festival 2015

November 22

Japan-Australia "2+2" Foreign and Defence Ministerial Consultations

November 22

Japan-Australia Defense Ministerial Meeting

November 22-24

Minister Nakatani’s Visit to U.S. Pacific Command, and Others


December 4

Japan-Czech Republic Defense Ministerial Meeting

December 17

Japan-Indonesia Foreign and Defense Ministerial Meeting

December 17

Japan-Indonesia Defense Ministerial Meeting

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