JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.67


2015 Prince Pickles and Parsley Tour at the MOD
- Annual Summer Tour at the MOD for Kids -

On July 29th and 30th, 2015, the MOD had kids group tour, with the purpose of deepening their understanding on the current situation of the MOD/SDF and issues related to defense. It is part of “Children’s Kasumigaseki Study Tour,” an annual summer event jointly organized by ministries and agencies of the Government of Japan that allows children to visit government offices and learn about their activities.

The tour at the MOD, named after its official cartoon character, Prince Pickles and Parsley, was very successful with approximately hundred participants each day consisting of children from elementary and junior high school along with their guardians. Children met with the State Minister of Defense and asked lots of questions in his office. For lunch, they had curry and rice, specially cooked by chefs from the GSDF, the MSDF, and the ASDF in Ichigaya district with their collected wisdom. They also practiced flag signaling, saw defense equipment such as helicopter and vehicles, and watched a training of the Honor Guard among other activities.

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