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Defense of Japan 2015 Issued

Defense of Japan 2015 Issued

The Defense White Paper for FY2015, “Defense of Japan 2015,” was distributed at the Cabinet Meeting on July 21st. The MOD publishes white papers every summer to promote understanding of Japan’s defense policy. This year marks 41st issue.

While “Defense of Japan 2014” consisted of four parts, “Defense of Japan 2015” comprises parts and chapters that are summarized based on relevance of respective policies to facilitate understanding of readers.

Part I covers the security environment surrounding Japan, which has been increasingly severe, focusing on North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles as well as China’s intensification of activities at sea and in airspace. Part I also describes risks in global security environment with focus on intensification and expansion of international terrorist organizations such as the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and Russia’s so-called “hybrid warfare” over Ukraine.

Part II describes background and summary of two bills of Legislation for Peace and Security, the new Guidelines for Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation and the Japan-U.S. Security Consultative Committee (“2+2”) Meeting, strengthening of the Japan-U.S. Alliance including impact mitigation of Okinawa, and the MOD reform such as unification of SDF operations under the Joint Staff and establishment of the Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency.

Part III explains efficient deterrence and response to a variety of situations as well as the FY2015 build-up of defense capabilities, along with initiatives on development of a Dynamic Joint Defense Force which comprehensively describes measures such as improvement of the human resources. Furthermore, Part III covers promotion of cooperation in defense equipment and technology as well as defense cooperation and exchange with other countries as proactive promotion of security cooperation.

In addition to a printed copy, the Defense White Paper is available in digital book as well as a digest version for smartphones in order to provide greater access.

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