JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.66


The SDF Joint Concert 2015

The SDF Joint Concert is a full-scale classical brass band concert in which central bands from the GSDF, MSDF, and ASDF take part, and it is annually held at major city in Japan. This Joint Concert was first commenced in 1996, with this year marking the 18th time.

This year's concert was held on July 11th at Ginowan City, Okinawa Prefecture. Audiences were mesmerized by the beautiful harmony of the central bands from the GSDF, MSDF, and ASDF. Their outstanding melodies are presented in various occasions including national and international events, and local music festivals throughout Japan, along with the CD recordings.

GSDF Central Band

Located at GSDF Camp Asaka (Nerima ward, Tokyo). Founded as a marching band of the National Police Reserve (the current GSDF) in 1951.

MSDF Tokyo Band

Located at MSDF Yoga Base (Setagaya ward, Tokyo). In 1952, the Band was founded as the Band of the Coastal Safety Force (the current MSDF).

ASDF Central Band

Located at ASDF Tachikawa Sub Base (Tachikawa-city, Tokyo). The Band was founded in 1961 as the Air Band.

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