JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.63




Iwo-to is a small island located in the Pacific ocean, approx. 1,280 km south to Tokyo. It belongs to Ogasawara, Tokyo. Most part of the island is flat, spreading out in a fan-like form to the northeast direction from Mt. Suribachi on the southern tip.

The island generates sulfur across the island with high ground heat and active crustal movements.

Currently, the MSDF air station and ASDF air base are located on the island. Major duties of the MSDF air station include air traffic control, meteorological observation, standing by for rescue operations in surrounding waters, and disaster relief dispatch. The ASDF air base on the island mainly engage in support activities of flight training, logistical support, as well as assistance in trainings at Iwo-to of other Air Wings, U.S. field carrier landing practice, and other Japan-U.S. joint exercises.

Please see TOPICS for Iwo-To’s general information

location: North latitude; lat. 24° 47′
East longitude; lat. 141° 19′
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