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Overview of MOD FY2015 Budget Bill

Overview of MOD FY2015 Budget Bill
For English translation of the brochure on FY2015 defense
budget bill, go to http://www.mod.go.jp/e/d_budget/pdf/270206.pdf

The MOD released its overview of FY2015 budget bill in January.

Through the FY2015 budget bill, the MOD will continue to steadily improve defense capabilities, including acquisition of equipment decided to be newly introduced, in order to develop a Dynamic Joint Defense Force according to the “National Defense Program Guidelines (NDPG)” and the “Medium Term Defense Program (MTDP)” approved by the Cabinet in December 2013.

The MOD will build defense capabilities with particular emphasis on ISR capabilities, intelligence capabilities, transportation capabilities, command and control, and information and communications capabilities, response to attacks on remote islands, response to ballistic missile attacks, responses in outer space and cyber space, responses to major disasters, and responses focused on international peace cooperation activities and other similar activities. These defense capabilities will allow the MOD and the SDF to seamlessly and swiftly play such roles as practicing effective deterrence and response to various situations, stabilization of the Asia-Pacific region and improvement of global security environments while attempting to further improve the joint functions.

In view of the current fiscal austerity, the MOD will practice efficient and rational spending in a way compatible with other national policies.

As for the FY2015 defense-related expenditures, the MOD allocated approx. 4.82 trillion yen (0.8% increase compared to the previous fiscal year) in order to steadily improve defense capabilities according to the MTDP.

The MOD will also implement organizational reform, including the establishment of Acquisition, Technology & Logistics Agency (provisional name) and strengthening of Joint Staff Office based on the Direction of the MOD Reform.

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