JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.60

New Year’s Greetings

New Year’s Greetings
New Year’s Greetings
New Year’s Greetings New Year’s Greetings

The JDF 2015 January issue celebrates the milestone 60th anniversary since the launch of the brochure in 2006. Last year in 2014, the JDF started its distribution of newsletter via e-mail, reaching out to the larger audience. The JDF will strive to continue delivering various MOD/SDF news to the readers around the globe in the year of 2015.

All the back issues of the JDF are available at http://www.mod.go.jp/e/jdf/back_issues.html.

If you are still not a reader of our monthly newsletter, sign up now by sending a blank message to jdfmod@mod.go.jp!

Also, we truly value your feedback on the JDF. If you have any suggestion or advice regarding how to improve our brochure, please take your time to answer the questionnaire at https://sec.mod.go.jp/mod/e/form/inquiry1.html.

Thank you for visiting the JDF website. We look forward to bringing you many more exciting news about the MOD/SDF in 2015.

New Year’s Greetings
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