JDF JapanDefenseFocus No.58

~Scenery of Japan~ Amamioshima Island

Amamioshima Island

Situated approx. 380 kilometers south of the southern tip of Kyushu and 250 km north of Okinawa, Amamioshima Island is the largest island within the Amami Archipelago. The island is home to several rare and endangered endemic animals such as black hare named Amamino-kurousagi and Ruri-kakesu jaybird. With the surrounding crystal blue waters, brightly-colored coral reefs, and virgin forests covering the island, this subtropical gem allures nature lovers, beach resort goers, diving fanatics and so forth.

The ASDF Amami Sub Base is found on this splendid isle. As a communications relay station, the base perches on a small mountain and transmits radio communications between mainland Japan and Okinawa 24 hours 7 days. Vital duties on their shoulder, personnel at Amami Sub Base work around the clock, which contrasts with this picturesque island.

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