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Adios! Japan National Stadium

Adios! Japan National Stadium

Japan National Stadium, the main arena for Tokyo Summer Olympics in 1964, will undergo a large-scale renovation to host Tokyo Olympics in 2020. “Good-Bye Stadium ~FOR THE FUTURE~,” a final event before the construction was held on May 31st. Officers from each service of the SDF assisted this occasion.

Blue Impulse, which belongs to the 11th squadron, 4th Air Wing on Matsushima Air Base, is an expert team that specializes in giving gorgeous acrobatic demonstrations at ASDF airshows and major civilian events. The six planes, colored blue and white, presented breathtaking performances to commemorate a half-century old stadium, and celebrated its new voyage in front of 36,000 audiences.

The SDF Joint Concert 2014

The SDF Joint Concert 2014
The SDF Joint Concert 2014

The SDF Joint Concert is an annual full-scale classical brass band concert which takes place at major city in Japan. Since its commencement in 1996, the concert has a great popularity among the Japanese nationals as a largest and supreme concert of the three forces. Each Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces has mini-bands throughout Japan, and the most popular bands will show wonderful and harmonized performances in front of the local residents.

This year’s concert was held at Sapporo city, Hokkaido, with the theme of “FLY HIGH ~from the Northern Mother Earth~.” Audiences were mesmerized by the beautiful harmony of the elite bands. Their outstanding melodies are presented in various occasions including national and international events, local music festivals, along with the CD recordings.

GSDF Central Band

Located at GSDF Asaka camp (Nerima ward, Tokyo). Founded as a marching band of National Police Reserve (the current GSDF) in 1951.

MSDF Tokyo band

Located at MSDF Yoga base (Setagaya ward, Tokyo).

ASDF Central Air Band

Located at ASDF Tachikawa sub base (Tachikawa-city, Tokyo). The band is playing a central role among all the five ASDF musical bands.

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