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ASDF Hamamatsu Airbase Exhibition Hall

ASDF Hamamatsu Airbase Exhibition Hall
ASDF Hamamatsu Airbase Exhibition Hall

Just along the Hamamatsu Air Base is the ASDF Exhibition Hall, a unique SDF Public Affairs Museum in Japan.

Consisting of three big sections, such as Exhibition Directory, Archive, and Static Display Hanger, the hall not only displays valuable equipment but also offers various entertaining workshops.

Followings are the examples of what you can see and experience at this hall.

Surround Vision Theater

By looking up a panorama 360° screen, you will feel as a pilot flying in a jet aircraft!!

Flight Simulator

Same simulator used by the student pilots of the 1st Air Wing is available.


Try on actual flight suit, helmet, and mask to turn completely into a real pilot.


Enjoy a spectacular view of the flights taking off the runway, while picking up historically important documents from the bookshelf.

We hope you enjoy this splendid facility and deepen your understanding about JASDF’s day-to-day operation and activities.

Entrance Fee: Free admission

Operating Hours: 0900A.M. to 0400P.M.

*Closed every Mondays, final Tuesday every month, and National Holidays. Temporary closure is expected due to maintenance.

Parking: Free Admission

Strategic Communication Program Initiated by the United Kingdom

Strategic Communication Program Initiated by the United Kingdom

On May 20th, first ever lectures concerning Strategic Communication were held at Japan Ministry of Defense by the seven extinguished guests from the UK MOD, UK FCO, and UK Embassy in Tokyo.

This program has been driven by the UK Government, who is disseminating its policies worldwide through various opportunities. Last year, PA staff from JMOD and MOFA were invited to London to take a week-long SC lecture, and this time, the SC team visited Japan to further spread their idea throughout Japanese government.

Officials not only from JMOD, but also from Cabinet Office and Ministry of Foreign Affairs took part in a day-long lecture. Needless to say, those lectures inspired us in many ways and deepened our understanding about UK’s SC method, while presentation from the MOD side brought fruitful discussion regarding the differences in PA strategy in both countries.

We hope to further deepen our relationship and exchange views frequently to share knowledge in one’s expertise field, respectively.

Main Theme of Lectures

Basic theory of SC, Target Audience Analysis, Communication during crisis, Information Operation methodology, etc.

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