Japan Defense Focus (JDF) celebrated its 50th anniversary in March 2014. JDF made its first appearance in March 2006 as a quarterly magazine, and has introduced various information worldwide, while posting articles on the MOD English Web-site. To meet expectations, JDF turned into a monthly magazine in 2012.

Nowadays, MOD/SDF’s duties are internationalized and diversified; including Peace keeping operations. Thus, the needs have become higher to deliver information immediately throughout the world. By distributing informative and useful topics related to MOD/SDF on a real-time basis, we would like to contribute to further deepen the understanding of people toward Japan’s policy and activities.

Time Line of JDF

Mar. 2006
Issue initial number as a quarterly magazine
Aug. 2010
Full-reformation of JDF Web-site
Aug. 2011
Full-model change into a visually stylish magazine
Mar. 2012
Issued a special number on Great East Japan Earthquake
Apr. 2012
Become as a monthly magazine
Oct. 2012
Introduced in MOD Facebook for the first time
Nov. 2012
Distribution of Web-only articles
Mar. 2014
50th Anniversary


Q1. Who has most showed up in JDF?
A1. Defense Minister Itsunori Onodera
Q2. How many copies have been issued so far?
A2. 200,000!
Q3. How many JDF original video clips are there on Web-site?
A3. 9 videos.
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