The Troop Review FY2013

The Troop Review FY2013
The Troop Review FY2013

The Troop Review, one of the anniversary events of the foundation of the SDF, was held on October 27, 2013 at GSDF Asaka Exercise Area.

The review celebrates the foundation of the SDF, aiming to raise the sprits and self-consciousness of the SDF personnel, which leads to fostering the eminent tradition of the SDF, and will eventually help to gain trust and understandings from the Japanese people.

Prime Minister Abe, the reviewer of the ceremony attended the parade with Minister of Defense Onodera and Chief of Ground Staff Iwata as approx. 4000 personnel from Ground, Maritime, and Air Self-Defense Forces marched on with approx. 240 vehicles, and approx. 50 aircraft.

The highlights of this year’s Troop Review are as follows;

  • Enhancement of defense readiness in the Southwest Region and demonstrating deterrence by high land defense capability
    Western Army Infantry Regiment and Type-10 tank participated in this review for the first time.
  • High disaster damage prevention capability
    SDF Ready Reserve Personnel Unit which served in the Great East Japan Earthquake participated in the parade for the first time.
  • Achievements of the International Peace Cooperation Activities
    Unit flags of the past PKO missions etc. were accompanied in the march.
  • Deepening of the Japan–U.S. Relationship
    U.S. Forces equipment was on display (amphibious vehicle) and band performance by the U.S. Army Japan Music Band was conducted.
The Troop Review FY2013

Self-Defense Force Marching Festival 2013

Self-Defense Force Marching Festival 2013

Strong sounds echoed throughout the Nippon Budokan hall as the annual SDF Marching Festival was held on November 15 and 16, 2013, under the theme “POWER FOR PEACE-for the creation of peace”.

This year’s festival was performed by the GSDF Central Band, the MSDF Tokyo Band, the ASDF Central Band, the North Eastern and Western Army Bands, and our special guest bands from the U.S. Army Japan, the 3rd Marine Expeditionary Force, and the Royal Thai Army.

Along with the band performances, drill performance by the 302nd military police squadron, fancy drill by the National Defense Academy, and the Taiko (drum) performance by the SDF-Taiko expressed unity and powerfulness.

The grand finale came when all the audience sang “The Flower will Bloom Again” together, which is a theme song for the reconstruction from the 3.11 earthquake.

Self-Defense Force Marching Festival 2013
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