Number of Scrambles in FY2012 and the First Quarter of FY2013

In FY2012, the ASDF scrambled 567 times. In FY2012, the number of scrambles against Chinese aircraft exceeded the number of those against Russian aircraft for the first time. The MOD/SDF are strengthening surveillance in the southwestern region, for example by operating E-2C and E-767 efficiently.

The ASDF scrambled 115 times in the first quarter of FY2013, which marked an increase of 33 compared to the previous year. Broken down by region, the number of scrambles in the first quarter was 20 by the Northern Air Defense Force, 14 by the Central Air Defense Force, 6 by the Western Air Defense Force, and 75 by the Southwestern Composite Air Division.

Dispatch of International Peacekeeping Unit to South Sudan (The Forth Unit of Staff Officers)

Three GSDF officers dispatched as staff officers
Three GSDF officers dispatched as staff officers

Three GSDF officers have been dispatched as staff officers to the United Nations Mission in the Republic of South Sudan (UNMISS).

Lieutenant colonel Kawasaki (pictured at the middle) is the first female self-defense officer dispatched as a staff officer to United Nations Peacekeeping Operations. This dispatch mission contributes to not only promoting gender equality and enhancing the morale of female officers, but also fulfilling the United Nation’s request for the dispatch of female peacekeeping operation officers.

Inauguration and Initiatives of the Cyber Defense Council

Activities of the Ministry of Defense (MOD) and Self-Defense Force (SDF) that require normal social infrastructure such as electricity, transportation, and communications, as well as the development and maintenance of equipment for defense needs rely on the private sectors. Therefore, it is extremely important for the MOD/SDF to ensure the stability of cyber space for society as a whole.

Within the private sectors, defense industries in particular, play an indispensable role for the continuous and stable operations of the MOD/SDF. For the MOD/SDF to carry out its mission, the normal functioning of defense industries must be ensured.

For this reason, the MOD/SDF together with defense industries established the Cyber Defense Council (CDC) in July 2013. The purpose of the CDC is to ensure and foster a mutually beneficial partnership between the MOD, SDF and defense industries against cyber attacks as well as to utilize the diverse skills and knowledge each party has to offer in achieving 1) enhanced response capabilities of the MOD/SDF, 2) enhanced capabilities in maintaining and recovering functions and abilities of defense industries, and 3) stronger trust and rapport between the MOD and defense industries.

Naming and Launch Ceremony of New Escort Vessel “IZUMO

Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defense
Akinori Eto

On August 6, the naming and launch ceremony of the MSDF’s new escort vessel “IZUMO” was held at Japan Marine United Corporation’s Yokohama Shipyard Isogo Works, with Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defense Akinori Eto in attendance.

With a standard displacement of 19,500 tons, the new escort vessel “IZUMO” is the largest ship in the MSDF fleet. It allows more patrol helicopters to be carried than conventional helicopter carrier vessels, as well as enables the transport of large-scale vehicles and helicopters, making it an escort vessel capable of serving international peace cooperation and disaster relief activities.

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