Introduction to Equipment
Type-89 Armored Combat Vehicle

Crew 10 persons
Total weight Approx. 26.5 tons
Total length Approx. 6.8 meters
Total width Approx. 3.2 meters
Total height Approx. 2.5 meters
Maximum speed Approx. 70km/h
Engine Water-cooled four-stroke six-cylinder diesel engine
Attachments 35mm cannon, type-74 7.62mm machine gun, and type-79 missile launcher

The type-89 armored combat vehicle was developed as a troop carrier with weapons and armor to serve alongside tanks.

The vehicle has a total of 7 gun ports in the cabin so that rifles can be used during battle. The crew of 10 consists of one vehicle commander, one operator and one gunner, as well as 7 fighters.

The front-mounted engine makes the type-89 roomier than the type-73. It is also equipped with a night-vision system for nighttime combat, while its body is covered in high survivability bulletproof armor.

The type-89 armored combat vehicle is deployed with infantry regiments where it serves alongside tanks. When under fire, it uses its 35mm cannon and missile launcher to support tanks, while its fighters fire rifles from the vehicle’s gun ports.

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