Regarding Japanese Response to North Korean Missile Launches

North Korea has reacted strongly to the criticism and measures taken by the international community, including the repeated adoption of UN Security Council resolutions, against its launch of a missile, which it describes “satellite”, in December 2012 and nuclear test in February 2013. This has included a variety of provocative actions and words to broadcast its hard-line stance to its people and the world.

Given this situation, the MOD, under the instructions of the prime minister, is endeavoring to ascertain the latest situation by collecting and analyzing intelligence related to North Korean Missile with a great concern.

No matter what may happen, the MOD and Self-Defense Force are working closely with the United States and taking any and all necessary measures, including warning and surveillance activities, to safeguard the lives and property of Japan.

PAC-3 Deployed in Okinawa

The Patriot PAC-3 has been deployed to the three Air Defense Missile Groups and the training unit. And its deployment plan to the 5th Air Defense Missile Group, Okinawa, was originally scheduled to be completed by the end of FY 2014 (programmed in the fiscal 2011 budget).

On the other hand, North Korea launched a missile twice last year, which they described as a “satellite”, and it made the MOD deploy PAC-3 to the islands of Okinawa. Based on this fact, the MOD has been considering whether it can accelerate establishing usual defense posture that protects lives and properties of Japanese nationals against ballistic missiles.

On April 18, 2013, with these facts taken into account, the MOD relocated the PAC-3 at the Air Defense Training Unit (Hamamatsu) to the 17th (Naha) and 18th (Chinen) Air Missile Defense Unit of the 5th Air Defense Missile Group in Okinawa.

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