Introduction to Equipment
“Souryu” class submarine

“Souryu” class submarines, which started construction in FY 2004, are equipped with AIP system using Stirling engines for submarine which are able to generate electric power continuously under water. The installation of AIP system enables to operate under water for a longer period of time. In addition, X-rudder has been adopted instead of cross rudder, in order to improve maneuverability of the submarine under the water.

“Souryu”, which is the first “Souryu” class submarine, was launched in December 2007, and delivered to MSDF in March 2009. After that, more submarines were constructed successively, and four submarines–“Souryu”, “Unryu”, “Hakuryu” and “Kenryu”–are in commission at present (as of February 2013).

“Souryu” class submarines are working as the core of maritime defense around our country.

Displacement 2,950 tons (at standard condition)
Length 84m
Breadth 9.1m
Depth 10.3m
Output 8,000 PS
Speed 20 knots
Complement Approx. 65 people
Main armaments Underwater torpedo tube: 1set

Introduction to a Historical Building
MSDF First Service School Auditorium (Naval Academy Auditorium)

This auditorium was built in 1917 to hold ceremonial events, such as entrance exams to the naval academy and graduation ceremonies. It was also intended to function as a place for moral education. The building’s outer walls are made from granite sourced from the Inland Sea, while the interior features a vaulted ceiling and can seat up to 2,000 people.

The auditorium is a mixed structure that includes steel, brick and stone. Various classic style of Western architecture is used to make it an impressive monument itself.

The auditorium has stone floors and a VIP room on the second floor. Its ceiling features a dome-shape, which is accented by a wheel-shaped chandelier.

Currently, the auditorium is used as the same way as it used to serve in the naval academy days, for important ceremonies such as entrance exams and graduation ceremonies.

Today, a century old auditorium continues to stand proudly on Edajima Island in Hiroshima Prefecture.

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