Introduction to a historical building Hokuyo-kan (Mutsu city, Aomori Prefecture)

Hokuyo-kan was built in 1916 as a social hub for marine officers in the Oominato Yoko unit of the Imperial Japanese Navy. It is a western-style historical building with an exterior built using andesite quarried from Mt. Kamafuse, near the Oominato base.

This is a brick-gabled building, measuring approx. 7 bays across (the distance spanned by the traverse beams) and 22 bays in the ridge direction. It stretches lengthwise in the east-west direction, and was designed symmetrically with a driveway positioned right in the center of the front of the building.

The external walls and porch pillars were built using irregularly-shaped stones. The roof is characterized by ornamental protrusions that are believed to be firewalls, and the external walls include stone masonry chimneys. In addition vertical windows were used for the building.

The roofs of the driveway and entrance hall are fitted with corniced moldings (known as mawaribuchi or finishing board).

This building was designated a famous building of the Taisho and Showa eras by the Architectural Institute of Japan.

Currently, the building houses a publicity exhibition room, which is used to convey information on the activities of the MSDF, as well as to store the historical records of the Imperial Japanese Navy.

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