1st Airborne Brigade’s FIRST JUMP DRILL OF 2013

On January 13, the GSDF 1st Airborne Brigade commenced this year’s jump training at Camp Narashino in Chiba Prefecture. The commencement of jump training is an annual event that is held at the beginning of the year, to wish for safe jump training throughout the year.

In addition to attendees from the Ministry of Defense and SDF, including Defense Minister Onodera, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Defense Masahisa Sato, Administrative Vice-Minister of Defense Kanazawa, Chief of Joint Staff Iwasaki, GSDF Chief of Staff Kimizuka, and Director General, Minister’s Secretariat Kamata, approximately 11,000 spectators were present at the event. The 1st Airborne Brigade carried out training with aircraft such as P-3C patrol aircraft, C-1 transport aircraft, and CH-47 transport helicopters, as well as vehicles such as tanks and motorcycles.

In line with the training theme, defense of offshore islands, the general flow of the training was as follows: after flights by P-3C patrol aircraft, the OH-6 observation helicopters conducted air reconnaissance activities, and motorcycles dismounted from CH-47 to conduct ground reconnaissance activities. Next, AH-64D attack helicopters and AH-1S attack helicopters carried out ground attacks, while 80 parachute unit members descended on parachutes from ASDF C-1 aircraft flying in mid-air. And then, support supplies were also dropped by the aircraft immediately after. The training concluded with the securing of enemy grounds by the parachute units, with backing from AH-1S, AH-64D, and UH-1 multipurpose helicopters.

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