Introduction to a historical building
Large auditorium of the Navy Memorial Hall
(large auditorium of the former Naval Engineering College)

The auditorium was built on Maizuru, Kyoto Prefecture, in 1933 as a ceremonial venue, where the Naval Engineering College ceremonies or other celemonies have been held. The building is situated on a piece of raised upland from the bay.

The building is structured with a steel and brick frame, while the roof structure is a combination of gables and flat roofs. The building is partitioned into three sections–the driveway, entrance, and auditorium. The building is small, but has depth.

Many of the windows are vertically-long. As with the roof, the entrance and the auditorium sections are differentiated through the window design.

Today, the Navy Memorial Hall is located on the same site, and materials pertaining to Admiral Heihachiro Togo and the Imperial Japanese Navy are placed on exhibit here.

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