Japan–Australia Foreign and Defense Ministers’ Meeting (Japan–Australia (2+2)), and Japan–Australia Defense Ministerial Meeting

Japan–Australia (2+2)

On September 14, Foreign Minister Gemba and Defense Minister Morimoto talked with their Australian counterparts Foreign Minister Carr and Defence Minister Smith at the Fourth Japan–Australia Joint Foreign and Defense Ministerial Consultations (2+2) held in Sydney.

The ministers of both sides affirmed the importance of Japan–Australia (2+2) meetings, and Australian Ministers welcomed the event being held in Australia for the first time.

The Ministers from the two countries concurred on the importance of engaging China constructively in the global community. They affirmed the importance of reaching a peaceful resolution on the issues regarding the South China Sea through dialogues and compliance with international laws-including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea-among all the countries involved.

The two countries also agreed to further expand defense cooperation as strategic partners on the basis of such achievements as the signing of the Japan–Australia Acquisition and Cross-Servicing Agreement (ACSA) and the Information Security Agreement (ISA).

Fourth Japan–Australia Foreign and Defense Ministers’ Meeting convened
Fourth Japan–Australia Foreign and Defense
Ministers’ Meeting convened

Japan–Australia Defense Ministerial Meeting

On September 14, Defense Minister Morimoto attended the Japan–Australia Defense Ministerial Meeting held in Sydney, Australia, together with Defence Minister Smith. The two Ministers exchanged views on defense cooperation and the defense policies of Japan and Australia.

With regard to the defense policies of the two countries, Mr. Morimoto explained that Japan puts an importance on ADMM-Plus as a security framework for the region, and expressed that Japan aims to expand this framework through cooperation with Australia. He also talked about international peace cooperation activities, emphasizing the importance of working together in the field of capacity building in the region, as well as information exchange with a view to stability for the Asia Pacific region. In response, Mr. Smith acknowledged that the Japan–Australia (2+2) meeting serves as one of the strategic frameworks of vital importance. The two Ministers concurred on taking the opportunity of the ADMM-Plus, East Asia Summit, and other such events to convene frequent Japan–Australia or Japan–U.S.–Australia Ministerial Meetings in the future.

With respect to Japan–Australia defense cooperation, Mr. Smith talked about advancements of Japan–Australia cooperation, citing examples such as the signing of ACSA and the ISA. The two Ministers agreed on the need to further expand defense cooperation in the future over a wide range of areas. These included not only security frameworks for the Asia Pacific region and international peace cooperation activities, but also Japan–Australia or Japan–U.S.–Australia joint exercises, as well as equipment and technology cooperation between Japan and Australia.

Defense Minister Morimoto shaking hands with Defence Minister Smith
Defense Minister Morimoto shaking hands with
Defence Minister Smith
Japan–Australia Defense ministerial Meeting
Japan–Australia Defense ministerial Meeting
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