Joint Deployment Exercises by the GSDF Northern Army(deployment exercises by regiments, etc.)

Joint deployment exercise
Joint deployment exercise

From October 29 to December 2, 2011 the Northern Army engaged in joint deployment exercises at Hijudai Training Area (Oita Prefecture) and other locations in order to improve their strategic mobility abilities.

An exercise unit comprising mainly about 410 members from the 11th Infantry Regiment engaged in long-distance mobility training on railways and for marine transport over the course of 10 days starting October 31. After the training,they partnered with the Western Army at Hijudai Training Area, the location for the deployment exercises, where they carried out reconnaissance and attack drills. Moreover, the joint force conducted live-fire training for three days starting November 20, and long-distance mobility drills using railway and for marine transport for eight days starting November 25, thus completing the joint training exercise.

ASDF New fighter determined

The F-35A was selected as the ASDF’s next fighter (same type)
The F-35A was selected as the ASDF’s next fighter (same type)

Efforts had been underway to select new fighter aircraft replacing the present F-4 fighter aircraft in order to cope with the decrease of F-4 fighters and to maintain the structure of approximately 260 fighters outlined in the National Defense Program Guidelines.

On September 26th of last year Japan received proposals from the U.S.Government for the F/A-18E and F-35A and from the Government of the United Kingdom for the Typhoon. An evaluation of these proposals was then carried out in accordance with predefined evaluation standards.

After a comprehensive evaluation for four factors (performance, cost, industrial corporate participation, and logistical support), the F-35A received the highest score. Therefore, on December 19th of last year the Minister of Defense decided that the F-35A would be Japan’s new fighter (F-X), and, after the Security Council and Cabinet respectively approved that on December 20th.

The F-35A is jointly developed by nine countries, including the U.S., United Kingdom, and Italy, and possesses superior stealth and situational awareness capabilities. Costs associated with acquiring four of these aircraft were included in the fiscal 2012 draft budget.

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