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Japan Defense Focus No.17



Japan-Italy Vice-Ministerial Meeting

On February 4, Japan-Italy Vice-Ministerial Meeting was held in Tokyo. Parliamentary Senior Vice-Minister of Defense Shimba and other officials from Japan, and Under Secretary of State for Defence Guido Crosetto and other officials from Italy attended the meeting. It was the first time for a politician at the Italian Ministry of Defence to visit Japan officially.

At the meeting, both sides welcomed the opportunity to promote real practical and concrete bilateral cooperation between the defense authorities and shared their view that it was important to deepen their relationship.

The Japanese side explained its system of hosting foreign students at the National Defense Academy of Japan and at the National Institute for Defense Studies. The Italian side expressed its desire to comprehensively strengthen cooperation with Japan by such means as exchanges of students. The Japanese side highly evaluated Italy’s anti-piracy measures off the coast of Somalia and in the Gulf of Aden, and the dispatch of units to Afghanistan and other commitments to the International peace Cooperative Activities..

Regarding the use of outer space in the field of defense, the Italian side introduced its radar satellites. The Japanese side stated its information to learn from Italy regarding the development and use of outer space in the field of security.

The Italian side said that the Eurofighter was a outstanding aircraft and that Japan’s introduction of this aircraft would have deepened Japan’s defense cooperative relationship with Italy and other European countries. Japan responded that nothing had been decided yet for the selection of the F-X , and that it would thoroughly examine the F-X.

Both sides confirmed the importance of close bilateral cooperation as nations which shared such values as freedom, democracy, respect for human rights, and the rule of law in the drastically changing international situation including the rise of China and India.

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