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Relief activities for the flood disaster in Chugoku and north Kyushu

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Relief activities for the flood disaster in Chugoku and north Kyushu

ODisaster relief activities for flooding in Chugoku and Kita-Kyushu in July 21-31

From 19 to 27 July, torrential rain hit Yamaguchi, Fukuoka and Nagasaki Prefectures. Some people were isolated and went missing, and water supplies were disrupted. Disaster relief dispatches were requested by the prefectural governor of Yamaguchi to the commander of the 17th infantry regiment on the 21st by the prefectural governor of Fukuoka to the commander of the 4th division on 24th and by the prefectural governor of Nagasaki to the commander of the 16 th infantry regiment on the 27th . Accepting these requests, the Ministry of Defense and the Self Defense Force dispatched of the units to the affected areas for relief activities.

■ Overview of the relief activities

Yamaguchi Prefecture: airlifting of patients on July 21, search and rescue of missing people in the Manao district on July 22-28, water supply assistance on July 22-29, and bathing assistance on 23-30 July.

Fukuoka Prefecture: rescue of people isolated by flooding in Kita-Kyushu City on July 24-25, water supply assistance in Munakata City on July 25-26, rescue of people isolated by flooding in Chikushi County on July 26, and search for missing persons in Kasuya County on July 25-30.

Nagasaki Prefecture: water supply assistance in Sasebo City on July 27-31.

Transportation assistance was provided to government survey teams to Yamaguchi prefecture on July 22, and Fukuoka prefecture on July 27. On July 29, transportation assistance was provided for visits by Prime Minister to Yamaguchi and Fukuoka prefectures.


Typhoon Etau Disaster Relief Operations

Relief operations for disaster by Typhoon Etau in August 10-23

The torrential rain which accompanied Typhoon Etau in August of this year resulted in isolated and missing people in Hyogo and Okayama prefectures. On 9 August, the governors of Hyogo and Okayama Prefectures requested the commanders of the JGSDF 3rd Artillery Unit and the 13th Artillery Unit respectively for disaster relief dispatch. The MoD and SDF responded to these requests by dispatching units to the affected areas to undertake disaster relief operations.

■ Overview of Support Operations

From 10-13 August, the SDF conducted water supply assistance at 17 locations within Okayama's Mimasaka City, Okayama Prefecture. From 10-11 August, the JGSDF 13th Artillery Unit conducted epidemics preventing assistance at 5 locations within the city.

Between 10-19 August, the JGSDF 3rd Artillery Unit conducted water supply assistance at 11 locations in the town of Sayo and 4 locations in the city of Shiso in Hyogo Prefecture.

From 10-23 August, the JGSDF 3rd Artillery Unit conducted searches for missing people in Sayo town and Shiso city.

On 22 August, Transportation support was provided for the Prime Minister's visit to the affected areas.


Replenishment Support Activities in the Indian Ocean

The replenishment vessel Oumi leaves Sasebo port on July 22

The Maritime Self-Defense Force (MSDF)'s 6th Maritime Replenishment Support Unit was dispatched to the Indian Ocean in order to undertake replenishment support activities in the area. The unit is being led by Captain Tetsuya Uchiyama comprising the destroyer Suzunami (Commanding Officer Commander Nobukatsu Shimizu) and the replenishment vessel Oumi (Commanding Officer: Captain Daisuke Gotoh), and a total of some 340 crew members. The Suzunami departed Maizuru Port on 21 July while the Oumi embarked from the Sasebo Port on 22 July. The two vessels then rendezvoused off the coast of Kyushu and reached their destination in mid-August.

The new unit relieved the 5th Maritime Replenishment Support Unit aboard the destroyer Akebono and the replenishment vessel Tokiwa which had been engaging in replenishment support activities since April.


Dispatch of JSDF Instructors to the Peacekeeping School
« Ecole de Maintien de la Paix » in Bamako Mali

Two Self Defense Force members were dispatched to lecture at the Peacekeeping School « Ecole de Maintien de la Paix» in Bamako Mali in August 28 — September 5.

From 28 August to 5 September, the JSDF dispatched two instructors in response to a request from the Peacekeeping School « Ecole de Maintien de la Paix » in Bamako Mali. The peacekeeping school is one of Africa's PKO centers and was established in 1999 with the aim of strengthening the peacekeeping capabilities of African nations. Since its founding, the school has trained more than 1,720 military and civilian personnel from 53 countries.

The dispatched officers were Lieutenant Colonel Eijiro Imamura (International Cooperation Office, 2nd Operations Section, Operations Department, Joint Staff Office) and Lieutenant Colonel Hiroaki Takano (Chief of Civil Cooperation Section, JGSDF Central Readiness Force Headquarters). The officers presented two lectures entitled "The Potential & Limitations of Military-Civilian Cooperation" and "Background & Lessons of Self Defense Forces’ Peacekeeping Operations" to 25 civilians and military personnel with the rank of field and company officers from 20 African nations.

The MoD perceives this dispatch as a very significant one which has broadened the scope of MoD & SDF international peace cooperation efforts and contributed to the peace and stability in Africa.


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