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Meetings with Defense Ministers in Singapore

Japan - US  Meeting

Japan-US Meeting
Defense Secretary Robert Gates lauded the resumption of Japan’s replenishment activities in the Indian Ocean. He concurred with Minister Ishiba on the importance of steadily implementing the realignment of US Forces in line with the United States-Japan Roadmap for Realignment Implementation. Minister Ishiba noted that realignment serves two purposes, namely, maintaining deterrence capabilities and reducing the burden on the host nation. In promoting realignment, he cited the need to mutually share necessary information and ensure accountability toward the people of both countries.

Japan - Canada  Meeting

Japan-Canada Meeting
Canadian Defense Minister Peter McKay expressed gratitude for Japan’s replenishment activities and explained the "Canada First Defense Strategy" recently announced by the Canadian Government. He noted that Japan is a vital partner sharing common values and expressed a desire for stronger regional cooperation. It was agreed to consider the possibility of cooperation in such areas as humanitarian and reconstruction assistance, disaster relief, and peacekeeping operations.

Japan - ROK  Meeting

Japan-ROK Meeting
Minister Ishiba exchanged views with Republic of Korea Minister of National Defense Lee Sang-Hee on recent bilateral defense exchanges, including the visit to Japan by Republic of Korea chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The two concurred on forging future-oriented ties between defense authorities while squarely confronting the past, holding regular and frank discussions at the ministerial and various other levels while reinforcing the quality and quantity of dialogue, and deepening bilateral cooperation for the region.

Japan - France  Meeting

Japan-France Meeting
Minister Ishiba and French Defense Minister Hervé Morin exchanged views on the regional situation, including China. Minister Ishiba noted that he hoped that China would enhance the transparency of the purpose of its arms buildup, which, though, was not regarded as a threat. The two agreed to continue the exchange of views between defense officials and maintain and enhance bilateral cooperation and dialogue, including a visit to France by the Japanese Defense Minister.

Japan - Singapore  Meeting

Japan-Singapore Meeting
Japan-Singapore Meeting
Singaporean Defense Minister Teo Chee Hean lauded the resumption of replenishment activities in the Indian Ocean by Japan, and Minister Ishiba praised Singapore’s efforts to host the Asian Security Summit. The two also exchanged opinions on the regional situation, including China.

Japan - UK  Meeting

Japan-UK Meeting
Minister Ishiba expressed gratitude to Defense Secretary Des Browne for the support provided by British troops for the humanitarian and reconstruction assistance activities by the Japanese Ground Self-Defense Force stationed in Samawah, Iraq. Secretary Browne conveyed his gratitude for Japan’s reconstruction assistance in Iraq, replenishment activities, and financial contributions for Afghanistan. The two agreed on the importance of replenishment activities in the Indian Ocean and exchanged views on the situation in Iraq and Afghanistan. They also agreed to promote further cooperation in the field of international peace cooperation activities.

Japan - Australia  Meeting

Japan-Australia Meeting
Minister Ishiba and Australian Defense Minister Joel Fitzgibbon lauded the recent progress in defense exchanges and concurred on promoting the updating of the Memorandum on Defense Exchange and establishing a working group to accelerate studies on logistics cooperation. The two also concurred on continuing discussions on cooperation for regional peace and stability, including with the United States, and committing efforts to realize Australia’s proposal to hold the second "two-plustwo" meeting in Australia this year.