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Back issue (2008)

No.11 (October 2008)
<News Flashes>
  • Yasukazu Hamada Is New Defense Minister
<Meeting with Foreign Leaders>
  • Courtesy Call by US Navy Secretary Winter
<Defense Policy>
  • Japan's Replenishment Support Activities in the Indian Ocean
  • Young Chinese Officers Visit Japan
  • Government Considers Ending Operations in Iraq
  • Ministry of Defense Reform
  • Antiterrorism Events Mark 9/11 Anniversary
  • Dispatch of SDF Personnel to Sudan
  • Policy Debate within the Defense Ministry
<Special Feature>
  • Successful PAC-3 Flight Test
  • Interview with Vice-Minister of Defense Kohei Masuda
  • MOD Publications
No.10 (July 2008)
<News Flashes>
  • Minister Ishiba Attends Seventh Asian Security Summit
<Meeting with Foreign Leaders>
  • Meetings with Defense Ministers in Singapore
<Country Support>
  • International Peace Cooperation Activities in Nepal
  • Departure of Third Replenishment Flotilla
  • JASDF Airlift Squadron Marks 700th Flight in Iraq
  • Cobra Gold 2008
  • New Space Law Enacted
  • Assistance for the Toyako Summit
  • Dispatch of Staff Officers to Sudan
<Special Feature>
  • Disaster Relief Activities in the Wake of the Iwate-Miyagi Quake
  • MSDF Vessel Makes First Visit to China
  • Interview with MSDF Chief of Staff Keiji Akahoshi
  • The following six SDF athletes will participate in the Beijing Olympic Games.
No.9 (April 2008)
<News Flashes>
  • Minister Ishiba Meets with Secretary Rice
<Meeting with Foreign Leaders>
  • Meetings with Bahrain's Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Meetings with Israeli Prime Minister
  • Meetings with Cambodia's Minister of National Defense
<Defense Policy>
  • The Replenishment Support Special Measures Law
<Country Support>
  • Participating in peacekeeping operations on the Golan Heights
  • The 7th Sub-committee of the Tokyo Defense Forum
  • New tank released
  • Chief of the Joint Staff Office visits China
  • The collision between MSDF escort ship Atago and a fishing boat
  • East Asian Strategic Review 2008 released
  • Rice becomes Commander of U.S. Forces Japan
  • Interview with Chief of the Joint Staff Office Admiral Takashi Saito
  • Do you know of the Ministry of Defense's English website?
No.8 (January 2008)
<News Flashes>
  • New Year's Greeting from the Defense Minister
<Current News>
  • Japan-U.S. Defense Ministerial Meeting
<Defense Exchanges>
  • Defense Ministerial Meetings
  • Operations ceased under the Anti-Terrorism Special Measures Law; Enactment of the Replenishment Support Special Measures Law
  • Chinese warship makes first goodwill visit to Japan
  • Successful test-firing of SM-3 interceptor and deployment of PAC-3 unit at Narashino
  • Draft budget for fiscal 2008 approved by Cabinet
<Defense Policy>
  • The Requisite Ballistic Missile Defense
<Special Feature>
  • The National Defense Academy of Japan
  • Interview with National Defense Academy President Makoto Iokibe
  • Marching Festival 2007 Takes Place


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