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Return of SDF Unit for Replenishment Operations

SDF units which had been engaged in replenishment operations based on the Replenishment Support Special Measures Law returned home.

1. Date of Entering Port

(1) September 4 (Thursday), 2008 (AOE Mashu)
(2) September 4 (Thursday), 2008 (DD Ikazuchi)

2. Ships Returned and Port of Entering

(1) AOE Mashu , JMSDF replenishment ship, JMSDF Maizuru Base
(2) DD Ikazuchi , JMSDF destroyer, JMSDF Yokosuka Base

3. Commanding Officers

(1) CAPT Toyotaka KAKEI, Commander, the 2nd Escort Division
(2) CAPTMasami OUKOUDO, Commander, AOE Mashu
(3) CDR Kouichi MURATA, Commander, DD Ikazuchi

4. Number of Personnel

Approximately 340