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Departure of SDF Unit for Replenishment Operations

SDF units departed from ports as shown below to engage in replenishment operations based on the Replenishment Support Special Measures Law.

1. Ships Dispatched and Port of Departure

(1) DD Yudachi, JMSDF destroyer, JMSDF Sasebo Base
(2) AOE Hamana, JMSDF replenishment ship, JMSDF Sasebo Base

2. Date of Departure

July 24 (Thursday), 2008

3. Commanding Officers

(1) CAPT Masaki NAKAMURA, Commander, the 7th Escort Division
(2) CDR Yoshinori OOTSUKA, Commander, AOE Hamana
(3) CDR Hideaki ICHITSUBO, Commander, DD Yudachi

4. Number of Dispatched Personnel

Approximately 330

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