Defense Activities

Defense Policy

Overview and Fundamental Concepts of National Defense

National Defense Program Guideline

Councils and Study Groups

Responses to Armed Attack Situations

Outline of the Legislation (In Japanese)

Civil Protection Plan (In Japanese)

Responses to New Threats and Diverse Contingencies

China's activities surrounding Japan's airspace

Measures Against Piracy


Disaster-related--Contingency Plan

Basic Policy on Response to Biological Weapons (In Japanese)

MOD Plan against the New Influenza (In Japanese)

The Guidelines for Japan-U.S. Defense Cooperation

Revision in progress

The 1997 Guidelines

The 1978 Guidelines

Japan-U.S.Security Consultative Committee(two-plus-two)and Alliance

Alliance of Significance

Joint Declarations

Defense Cooperation Guideline

Joint Statements

Measures on U.S.Forces in Japan

Realignment of U.S.Military Posture, including USFJ (In Japanese)

Cost-sharing for the Stationing of USFJ (In Japanese)

SACO-related documents (In Japanese)


International Peace Cooperation Activities

About International Peace Cooperation Activities

Activities and Approaches

Closeup Topics
South Sudan PKO (UNMISS)

International Disaster Relief Operations
International Disaster Relief Operations for the missing Malaysian Airplane
International Disaster Relief Operations in the Philippines

Other Activities
A New Page for the Japan-UK Defense Cooperation
United Nations Military Unit manual for Engineers (UNMUM-Engineers)

Security Talks, Defense Cooperation and Defense Exchange

Basic Policy on Defense Exchange

Bilateral Defense Cooperation & Exchange

Multilateral Security Dialogues

Capacity Building Assistance

Arms Control, Disarmament and Non-proliferation Policy

Cooperation in Arms Control and Disarmament (In Japanese)

Other Activities

Dispatch of Liaison Officials to the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM)

Toward Stable and Effective Use of Cyberspace

Effective and Efficient Acquisition of Defense Equipment

Outline of "Public Opinion Survey on the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) and Defense Issues"

Measures to maintain and enhance the defense production and technological bases, and to acquire defense equipment effectively and efficiently (In Japanese)

Defense Production and Technological Bases

Defense Production and Technological Bases (summary)