Defense Minister's Remarks

The First Meeting of the MOD Reform Head Office (18 July, 2008)

July 18, 2008
Japan Ministry of Defense

Today, on July 18, 2008, the Ministry of Defense held the first meeting of the MOD Reform Head Office.

The Ministry of Defense (MOD) creates the MOD Reform Head Office with the Defense Minister as the Chair of the Head Office and holds its first meeting to accomplish reforms of MOD in line with the basic direction shown in the final report presented by the Panel of Experts for Reforming the Ministry of Defense.

Members of the MOD Reform Head Office:

Minister of Defense; Senior Vice-Minister of Defense; Parliamentary Secretaries for Defense; Vice-Minister of Defense;
Director General, Minster's Secretariat; Director General, Bureau of Defense Policy;
Chief of Staff, Joint Staff;
Chief of Staff, GSDF; Chief of Staff, MSDF; Chief of Staff, ASDF;
Chief Manager for MOD Reform; Deputy Chief Manager for MOD Reform.